Saturday, March 5, 2011

THE GOLDEN HOUR - "Paging Atiku Abubakar"

The Nigerian Election Crisis
“Paging Atiku Abubakar”

Diaspora John

In emergency medicine the “Golden Hour” is the first sixty minutes after the occurrence of major multi-system trauma.  It is widely believed that the victim’s chances of survival are greatest if definitive care is received in the operating theater within this first hour. 

The Nigerian Election crisis was preceded by multi-system trauma to the nation, which was further aggravated own October 1, 2010 otherwise known ironically as the start of the country’s “Golden Jubilee” when BOOM!!!! bombs exploded in the heart of the nation visibly exposing to the world the tenuous sinew and tendons holding the fabric of the nation together.

Nigeria’s Doctrine of Necessity President Goodluck Jonathon reassured the nation that the worst had past and the country was stable; further reassuring that the perpetrators of this ‘isolated incident” would be captured and brought to book. 

BOOM BOOM!!!! – bomb blasts in Abacha barracks thirty people reported killed; our beloved mummy market in ruins, the Nigerian body thrown further into shock and psychological trauma.  Nigeria’s Doctrine of Necessity President Goodluck Jonathon reassures the nation that the worst has past and the country was stable; further reassuring the perpetrators of this ‘isolated incident” would be captured and brought to book.

These blasts were only a harbinger of blasts to come as Nigeria’s Doctrine of Necessity President Goodluck Jonathon telegraphed his intentions in the second quarter of 2010 to prescribe a prescription to violate and completely eviscerate the nations “Zoning Agreement” in effect removing one of two legs which have been responsible for stabilizing the Nigerian experiment.    

The vast majority of Nigerian’s knew this ill advised regime would lead to unhealthy consequences, how can Doctrine of Necessity President Goodluck Jonathon knowing violate in both deed and spirit a sacrosanct bond that has regulated the smooth operating of the Nigerian body politic and not expect an adverse reaction.

But true to his intentions and those of his minions there sat in Eagle Square the same Eagle Square that was the location of the first BOOM!!!!  Nigeria’s Doctrine of Necessity President Goodluck Jonathon knowing that his actions jeopardized the nation’s stability by undermining its unity otherwise known as the Zoning Agreement.

This malpractice perpetrated against the Nigerian body by Doctrine of Necessity President Goodluck Jonathon was publically challenged and damned as a dangerous concoction which could lead to the death of Nigeria by former VP Atiku Abubakar.

Atiku Abubakar said that Nigeria’s Doctrine of Necessity President Goodluck Jonathon could not and should not be trusted because his actions were destructive, destabilizing, dangerous, divisive and just plain damnable.  An absolute legal violation of PDP’s constitution, an insult to northern Nigerian’s who were responsible for instituting the  Zoning Agreement  against the back drop of southern Nigerian’s cries of being marginalized,  a cold face slap to all Nigerian’s who appreciated the stability ensured by the Zoning Agreement.   

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!!!! – more bomb blasts this time in Suleja, Niger State with several maimed and ten reported deaths.  Nigeria’s Doctrine of Necessity President Goodluck Jonathon reassured the nation that the worst had past and the country was stable; further reassuring that the perpetrators of this ‘isolated incident” would be captured and brought to book. 

ENOUGH!!!  This now very familiar sing-song response to the critical condition facing a dying nation is contemptible.  Such impotent responses reflect a lack of leadership, experience, or insight from Doctrine of Necessity President Goodluck Jonathon.  This sing-song salve will not be the balm to sooth the pain of those being disenfranchised from their rightful time of power due to your ill advised decision to seek the Presidency under the PDP umbrella. Beware, a strong wind of change has started to blow that will soon collapse the umbrella around your hat and head. 

A stolen mandate can never stand, a thief can never be trusted, a charlatan is to be condemned, those who conspire to deny the people their inheritance will be brought to shame and ruin, this violation of stability has infected the nation which is now burning hot with fever and deteriorating toward the brink of total collapse.

Nigeria is now in the GOLDEN HOUR.

Your Excellency we have a major emergency the Nigerian body has been blown apart split, ripped and torn wide open it is in critical condition your skilled experienced hands are urgently required to stabilize the country and prayerfully save the nation from eminent collapse.

Your Excellency your rightful mandate to lead Nigeria under the PDP banner was usurped by the party’s power brokers who gave little and/or no regard for the effects of their actions on the nation as a whole.   Mournful northern Nigerian’s watched as you bared the indignity of witnessing the unlawful transfer of power which was to have been vested under your leadership given to Doctrine of Necessity President Goodluck Jonathon. 

Your Excellency the betrayal at Eagle Square must be challenged legally in the courts, justice must have a chance to examine and speak to this issue without delay.  Without such intervention the damage will continue to fester and spread eventually poisoning the entire system.  The backlash of PDP’s machinations are being manifest daily with stones being hurled at PDP convoy’s during political rallies in Northern States, as well as other acts of reported civil disobedience.     

Your Excellency you stand on firm ground in challenging the violation of PDP’s constitution regarding zoning. Consider the recent reported comments by Special Adviser to the President on National Assembly Matters, Senator Mohammed Abba Aji. In news reports, Abba Aji was quoted to have advised those championing the Igbo presidency project for 2015 to drop the bid because the courts have determined that there is zoning or rotation of power in the party, which made the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) agree to zone the presidency to the South-South.

Zoning has been upheld in the courts on several occasions; it is widely practiced and accepted as status quo to maintain the peace and stability in Nigeria.  Atiku Abubakar is the rightful candidate to stand for the Presidency on the PDP platform.  This outrage and shameless wrestling of power under the pretence that President Jonathon can speak for the north has sicken the nation to its core; and is in fact directly responsible for current civil unrest as well as the soon to come post-election instability. 

Your Excellency converse to the intentions of PDP’s power brokers to weaken you politically they have in fact made you stronger and the most powerful politician in Nigeria.  It is your words and actions leading up to the April elections that can instantly rock global financial markets and shape international political opinion regarding Nigeria.  You are now the benchmark surveyed and scaled by capital markets as to Nigeria’s stability for continued investment.

PDP power brokers now realize the full gravity of their decision to violate the Zoning Agreement, the party cannot win the Presidency without your full consent and endorsement; for PDP to hold power they must come directly you. 

Nigerian’s are now fearful for the future of the nation, we need you to speak to those fears, we need you to fight for the Presidency, fight for what is yours, fight for us, fight for Nigeria. We don’t want to experience more BOOMS!!! These bombings will have a profoundly negative effect on the outcome of the April elections, proving a chill to those otherwise motivated to trek to the polls to cast their vote for fear of death, destruction and terror.

Your Excellency you hold the “knife and the yam” how you choose to cut will be a major factor in determining if the nation survives. You are needed in Nigeria’s Golden Hour we pray that each cut you make will be based on your wealth of experience in times of crisis and after full consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

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